Mike Caniglia, RRO, RBEC
Principal / Sr Field Engineer


Mike joined the Wetherholt and Associates team in 2000, and he is currently a Senior Field Engineer and Principal.  Mike received his BA in Architectural Studies from the University of Washington in 1993.  At Wetherholt and Associates, Mike performs leak investigation at roof, deck, wall, and window assemblies on residential and commercial buildings.  He is responsible for inspection and evaluation of roofing, waterproofing, and exterior cladding application.  Mike performs field engineering duties including roof surveys, moisture testing, roof membrane sampling, roof design, specification / drawing preparation, and punchlist / closeout inspections.

Over the years, he has consulted on commercial and institutional buildings, mostly in the Pacific Northwest.  Projects have ranged from large office complexes, to public schools and colleges/universities, to government facilities, including public utility districts, public transit, and county courthouses.