Wetherholt Inspectors

Wetherholt and Associates, Inc. inspectors are on site, during construction, to verify the contractors' work conforms to the contract, and they assist in avoiding conflict between the specifications and the actual conditions. Our inspectors are familiar with most of the waterproofing, wall cladding, and roofing systems on the market today. The depth of our inspectors' experience, combined with support from our engineers, allows us to respond quickly and accurately to most questions or concerns.

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Our inspectors are equipped with non-destructive moisture testing equipment, thermometers, seam probes, tape measures, caliper gauges, and other specialized testing equipment, as required to perform their tasks.

Wetherholt and Associates, Inc. ensures our inspectors maintain knowledge of industry products and their installation methods by providing routine team meetings with manufacturers’ representatives. We also understand the value of continued education and participate in industry educational opportunities.


Senior Field Inspectors/Field Engineers

Christian Areglo, RRO
Micah Indra, RRO


Senior Field Inspector

Bennie Jones, RRO


Field Inspectors

Mark Campbell
Roman Cherkasov, REWO
Seth Worthen
Michael Groome
Brian Munson
Kent Bozlinski
Jon Sewell
Zach Metzger