Our services include roofing and waterproofing consulting, wood decay investigations, interior moisture (condensation and ventilation) investigation, and alternative dispute resolution as "expert mediators". Clients include several major school districts, manufacturing companies, municipal and state government departments.

We are capable of determining the types of roof and waterproofing systems in place, performing moisture surveys, determining leak sources, and generating CAD details.

Once waterproofing or roofing is started, Wetherholt and Associates, Inc. inspectors are on site to verify the work conforms to the contract and assist in avoiding conflict between the specifications and the actual conditions. The inspectors are familiar with most of the waterproofing and roofing systems on the market today, and the depth of Wetherholt and Associates, Inc. experience allows us to respond quickly and accurately to most questions or concerns.

Unfortunately, not all projects are successful, and result in disputes between the parties. Our goal is to be fair and keep all parties out of litigation. However, we have been retained by litigants to assist them as expert witnesses.